Vinay Gupta


I had to put my humanitarian work on the back burner a few years ago. I couldn’t make a living, not even enough to support myself in poverty. It was becoming a problem, and I was not being effective. I looked at Elon Musk, and realized there was a better way.

I had always had profound talent for technology, and so I went back to my original trade full time, helped launch Ethereum (a >$15bn blockchain project), and now run, a VC in London. I hope one day I will get back to doing humanitarian design full time. But this time with a staff to help me realize my hope for the world.

— Vinay Gupta, London, May 2017

Medium bio:

Beyond good taste and evil. Global resilience guru. What do you do after it all goes wrong? And what about the poor, for whom it’s never yet been right?

Twitter bio:

Humanitarian turned technocrat. Runs a new deep tech VC. Launched @EthereumProject a $15+bn blockchain. @Hexayurt shelter designer. Read


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