Michael Marquart (Theymos)

From Theymos’s user page on the Bitcoin Wiki:

I am head administrator of the Bitcoin Forum and /r/Bitcoin. I wrote Bitcoin Block Explorer, but I don’t run it anymore. I currently own the bitcoin.it domain name, but you should not contact me about wiki administration.

Contact me via email or forum PM. I am not reliably available elsewhere (especially not on IRC).

Moderator of /r/bitcoin and owner/webmaster of the BitcoinTalk forums.

Controversial to the Big-block political camp due to accusations of censorship. This includes removing all mention of the Bitcoin XT/Classic/Unlimited clients with the stance that “they are altcoins” and as such not relevant to /r/bitcoin.

From a comment by priestc on Bitco.in:

Theymos wrote the first block explorer. This is somewhat significant since those things have become a pretty integral part of the bitcoin ecosystem. Unfortunately he’ll be remembered in crypto-folklore as that guy who censored all the forums.

Another controversy relates to Bitcoin donations (over 6000BTC - which is currently 25,950,000 USD as of 28-Aug-2017) that were collected in order upgrade the BitcoinTalk forums. These improvements never materialised.

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