Moxie Marlinspike (pseudonym)

From wikipedia:

Moxie Marlinspike (pseudonym) is an American computer security researcher and cypherpunk. His research has focused primarily on techniques for intercepting communication, as well as methods for strengthening communication infrastructure against interception. Marlinspike is the former head of the security team at Twitter and founder of Open Whisper Systems. He is the author of a proposed SSL authentication system replacement called Convergence, co-author of the Signal Protocol, and a fellow at the Institute for Disruptive Studies. He runs a cloud-based WPA cracking service and manages a targeted anonymity service called GoogleSharing.

Marlinspike says that when flying within the United States he is unable to print his own boarding pass, is required to have airline ticketing agents make a phone call in order to issue one, and is subjected to secondary screening at TSA security checkpoints.

While entering the United States via a flight from the Dominican Republic in 2010, Marlinspike was detained for five hours; federal agents requested his passwords, and all his electronic devices were confiscated and then returned.

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