Paralelní Polis

Paralelní Polis consist of several cypherpunk parts that all aim at one thing - helping people opt-out from the current authoritative system. The name means Parallel Polis (city in Greek).

In Bitcoin Coffee, people learn there is an alternative financial system (the only accepted payments are Bitcoin and Litecoin), they only play Creative Commons music, there is no photography without asking permission.

Paralelní Polis has a vision of free individuals and you can become one too, when you enter.

As you proceed in the house, you can be on top of things by going to the Institute of Cryptoanarchy. You can learn how to increase your personal freedom. There are meetups about cryptocurrencies, unschooling, biohacking, personal liberty, machine learning, 3D printing, etc.

When you gain new skills and learn more, you can either proceed to CryptoLab or Paper Hub and utilize your skills - you can create new products, services and open-source projects to advance the human liberty.

As Paralelni Polis is trying to promote decentralization and freedom, everyone is free to open their own Paralelni Polis. The first one to open besides the Prague house is Paralelná Polis in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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